West Seattle Pilates helps everyday people feel great by providing Pilates-based fitness training.   This contributes to helping clients improve their posture, strength and overall quality of life.  We customize sessions to serve a diverse clientele.  Our instructors are trained in aiding various injuries and pathologies by using Pilates as their base component.  The original teachings of Joseph Pilates are incorporated with a contemporary approach.

Jenny started West Seattle Pilates in 2017.  She has a 30 year background with dance and movement.  It has always been her passion and is happy she could make a career out of it!  For the past 9 years she has lived in West Seattle and taught Pilates at various studios in the city.  Jenny was ready for the next step of starting her own business and sharing her knowledge with her neighbors.  WSP works with people who have varying injuries and pathologies as well as those who want to strengthen their body and minds.   Pilates is for everyone and there are always modifications and variations that can be given to individuals.



Jenny grew up in Ohio and started dance at the age of three.  Movement has always been a part of her life.  She earned a BFA in Dance Choreography and an MA in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management.  Jenny has been teaching Pilates for 7 years and is also trained in TRX and a Certified Personal trainer.  She has lived in the West Seattle community for the last 7 years and is honored to help make her community members feel strong and healthy.

Photo taken by Melanie Blair Photography